The old-new series of Punctograms is yet another example of recycling, this time of unused spray-paint prints that I made at Harvard as illustrations for my book The Boy and the Bird (Edition Hansjörg Mayer, Stuttgart 1979), and as signed bonus prints for the deluxe edition. As with the recycled "light-sculpture" series, I had quite forgotten the existence of the leftover prints, until 2003, when I found them in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. And here again coding dots came to the rescue. They are all black and white, very surreal, and, again, very naughty. And funny, I must confess that, while making more than a hundred of these Punctograms, I hadn't had so much fun in years.

(The pictures are titled in a variety of languages, and I'd like to ask YOU to make up your own titles. That's what I did, you know.)